What does Munera mean?
Munera is defined as one’s responsibility to their community.
What is Munera?
Munera is a technology-enabled marketplace built for the public infrastructure sector. We bring stakeholders together to collaborate on projects and obtain what they need to fulfill their individual role.
What is Munera’s mission?
Our mission is to create a transparent, universally accessible, and always improving marketplace for public infrastructure projects and the individual components needed to complete them.
What exactly does Munera do?
Munera is a communication platform. The technology is built to facilitate a transparent and organized flow of information among potential and existing infrastructure project stakeholders. This allows us to address the areas of procurement, project funding, investor relations, oversight, collaboration, project management, and payments.
Who does Munera serve?
Munera serves the public infrastructure sector made up of public agencies, capital providers, and project vendors. If you are involved in any aspect of planning, funding, building, operating, or maintaining public infrastructure assets, we serve you.
How does Munera customize its service to the needs of each project stakeholder?
Munera allows stakeholders to build a comprehensive profile within a focused network, allowing them to gain visibility in the expanse of what is now a fragmented market. Additionally, when added to a project, users can develop and/or respond to project requests relevant to their individual role.
How does the platform work?
Our users establish a comprehensive profile, collaborate, and transact with team members in a shared project workspace, and create, market, and respond to individual project requests in our central marketplace.
What makes Munera different?
As it exists, there is no marketplace for the infrastructure market itself. Now there is.
How does this service enable better execution of Public Infrastructure projects?
When all project stakeholders can share and access information, communicate, and transact in a modern, transparent way, they work better together.
Why are you launching now?
The federal government is currently negotiating what will become the largest investment to date in our nation’s physical, digital, and social infrastructure. The result will be a flood of prospective and existing market participants vying for their share of the so-called pie. Those with the capital and resources to navigate the complexities involved will win, as they have in the past. So, we want to level the playing field and allow all market participants to work together in making this investment as transformative as we hope it will be.
Is Munera free?
Munera is free to sign up and free to use. We have partnered with Stripe to give our users the ability to transact with one another by facilitating ACH payments on invoices received. We charge a 0.40% fee on each transaction that occurs, assessed to the payment recipient.
What if I already use a service handling one or more of the functions you provide?
We understand that change is hard, especially when you have been doing something that “works” for so long. Our ambition comes from recognition of an inefficient market; one that is made of up its stakeholders, not their workflows. Our hope is that you JOIN us in developing a more efficient marketplace. In doing so, Munera will positively impact all aspects of your role within an infrastructure project, not just one particular function.