Munera Marketplace Benefits

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Be a part of a marketplace focused solely on Public Infrastructure.
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Eliminate wasted paper, scattered email chains, and invoicing via postal mail.
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Gain more insight, visibility, and support.
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Get on a level playing field with the rest of your project stakeholders.
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Plan, fund, and execute your projects all in one centralized location.
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Sign up. Invite your team. Get to work.

Progress Required

The upcoming investment in our nations physical, digital, and social infrastructure has accelerated the growing demand for a modern solution where public agencies, capital providers, and project vendors can come together to not only obtain what they need to fulfill their role, but also work together in a collaborative fashion to complete these projects in a more effective, transparent way.

To Bridge the Gap

Munera is here to take the pain points out of the project lifecycle once and for all- bringing the key elements of procurement, project funding, management, collaboration, and modern payment technologies into one convenient, centralized marketplace. From qualified support, to capital, general services, and all of the supplementary items in between----Munera brings together all of the components needed to complete the project lifecycle.

Munera Highlights


The rare technology that benefits many.

And not just municipalities and vendors but especially the communities within these municipalities. In an era where sometimes, it feels like new technology can set us back, Munera is a generational leap forward.
Tim Salyers CEO, Energy Efficient Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Munera mean?
Munera is defined as one’s responsibility to their community.
What is Munera?
Munera is a technology-enabled marketplace built for the public infrastructure sector. We bring stakeholders together to collaborate on projects and obtain what they need to fulfill their individual role.
What is Munera’s mission?
Our mission is to create a transparent, universally accessible, and always improving marketplace for public infrastructure projects and the individual components needed to complete them.
What exactly does Munera do?
Munera is a communication platform. The technology is built to facilitate a transparent and organized flow of information among potential and existing infrastructure project stakeholders. This allows us to address the areas of procurement, project funding, investor relations, oversight, collaboration, project management, and payments.

Easy to Use & Free to sign up

The best part? Munera is entirely free to join – with no subscription fees or long-term commitments. What’s even better is the marketplace sits on top of your existing systems – meaning it's easily integratable and immediately adoptable – without tying you down like the rest of the so-called solutions out there.