Org presence/Visibility

As a public agency, Munera allows you to highlight who you are and what you're working on. No matter where you’re at in the project lifecycle, the marketplace offers the visibility you need to spark greater competition for work requests, wider access to capital support, end-to-end transparency and so much more.

Standardization of Requests

Munera also allows you to develop your RFPs and Bid Requests in less time, with great impact. Our standardized processes deliver value to all project stakeholders and offer a seamless experience beyond traditional word documents and web postings.

Modern Collaboration

Gone are the days of scattered email chains and processing invoices by postal mail. Munera allows you to work more effectively with your project and financing teams – giving public agencies the ability to share and access information, as well as communicate and transact in a modern, intuitive way.

Easy to Use & Free to sign up

The best part? Munera is entirely free to join – with no subscription fees or long-term commitments. What’s even better is the marketplace sits on top of your existing systems – meaning it's easily integratable and immediately adoptable – without tying you down like the rest of the so-called solutions out there.